Our Software Solutions

CannAvenue offers several solutions catered to the cannabis industry, both business and consumer.


A private B2B marketplace platform allowing companies to connect and do business. A true one stop shop, where products can be purchased and sold, with real-time inventory updates.


An ultra-intuitive Artificial Intelligence component integrated in our entire ecosystem, geared to automate processes and drive business decisions based on trends, historical information, and various other data points.


An inventory management software designed to provide seed-to-sale traceability and efficiently provide real-time suggestions for allocation of inventory based on stock requirements.                   


A consumer mobile app that allows users to purchase products using geo-location services. Users will also be able to schedule a consultation with a doctor to discuss medical cannabis as a treatment.

Data Analytics

We provide real-time data analytics to users of our ecosystem to provide the best customer experience, as well as optimize business processes.

Comprehensive Support

Our team provides excellent support to all users of our ecosystem. Live chat, email support, and telephone support are provided to all users.

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