About Us

The CannAvenue objective is to create a robust software solution and one-stop shop for all stakeholders of the cannabis industry. From producers and distributors to retailers and consumers, our ecosystem tailors to all.


Our solution will assist all stakeholders, from seed-to-sale, in smoother management of cannabis inventory, thereby optimizing sales and accessibility. Further, to ensure legitimacy of merchants intending to use the platform, the CannAvenue software will verify each platform-user. All this will further be secured on the Blockchain. The CannAvenue App and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) dashboard will follow a strong KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance process, along with access through fingerprint and/or facial recognition, providing additional convenience and security to owners of their data. The CannAvenue solutions will be rolled out in phases and we require investments for the development during these phases. Once the core software is developed and can be demonstrated, CannAvenue will closely watch the regulatory landscape in connection with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), and make a determination as to whether an ICO is the appropriate path forward for the business at such time. If regulations favour an ICO, the funds we could raise would be allocated towards production and distribution of high quality cannabis throughout Canada and other cannabis-friendly regions.

To be a breakthrough Blockchain SaaS (Software as a Service) company for the cannabis industry.CannAvenue will be one of the first companies to bring Blockchain SaaS, enabled by predictive analytics andcustomised AI solutions to the cannabis industry during the process of legalization and adoption of cannabis in Canada.

Our objective is to support access to and growth of the legal cannabis industry through a fully secure online ecosystem. The vision for CannAvenue is to be the one of the fastest growing service providers.   We also want to be recognized as the most effective Blockchain-based software company that uses AI to successfully manage inventory while enabling businesses to make their products accessible across all cannabis-friendly markets.